Chiefs vs Rams on Friday

The Chiefs play the Rams this Friday for the annual Governor’s Cup. The game is at 7 p.m. but will not be shown here in Dallas. Like last week, the game will shown at 10 pm on NFL Network.

Typically, the starters play a lot more on the third pre-season game then any other.  Usually, at least a half.  We’ll see. It seems the Chiefs are playing their starters less then most of the other teams I’ve watched play this pre-season.

Go Chiefs!

1969 World Champions


Red Friday!

It’s the first Red Friday of the season. Everyone got their Chiefs gear on?

The Chiefs will be on national TV tonight (Fox 4).

I’m excited to watch the rookies and new players play. But by the 3rd quarter I’ll probably be ready for some real football.  Hopefully there will be no injuries.

We’re one week closer to tailgating at Wizard’s on September 11th. Can’t wait to see everyone.

Go Chiefs!


Are You Ready For Some Football?

Only 3 more days until the first pre-season game. I know it’s pre-season, but it’s still football.

A reminder: Friday night’s game will be televised nationally on Fox.  I haven’t heard of anyone going to Wizard’s. Usually, pre-season games can not be found in DFW so this could be an excellent opportunity to get yourself ready for the season opener on Sept 11.

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